10 Reasons Why People Like Pet A Dog

From the ancient time, people are used to raising pet animals. Dogs and parrots were the most common pets in the past. But with the passage of time, life has been more dimensional and now people have also added hare and cate in their pet list. Among the above-mentioned animals, the dog is the most common pet in the whole world. This is why people are nowadays commercially importing and exporting different types of pet dogs from different countries. Different types of dogs carry a different price tag and normally the well-off families of society are found to have pets. To have a nice pet dog, one has to spend a great amount of money. Now, you may ask why people spend their valuable time and money after a pet dog! Researchers have found that there are some reasons why people don’t think much about their time and money with a view to having a pet.

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These are-

  • A dog is well-known for its loyalty. Among all the animals in the world, dogs have been found the most loyal animal. Even in some cases, their loyalty has exceeded the loyalty of human beings. There are lots of movies where the dogs are found very loyal to its owner.
  • Today we people have much expectation to our near and dear ones. If sometimes we cannot fulfill the expectations of others, the relationship gets destroyed. But a pet dog along with other pets does not have any expectations for us. When you have no one beside you, your pet dog will be by your side and it may prove to be your best friend.
  • Pet dogs may also help you in your danger. When you are in danger and you need something, you may find your pet making the supreme sacrifice for you if only once you can win the heart of your dog.
  • It has been found that those who keep pet dogs live longer than those who don’t keep. The company of a pet dog reduces health risks. A friendly pet animal has a great influence to reduce blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack.

  • When we love people, sometimes they may leave us and we may get hurt by our trusted people. But if you love your pet, it will never leave you in your danger. Rather it will try your best to help you.
  • Most of the people keep pet dogs for the protection and security of the family members. That’s why sometimes in front of the house you see dogs are lying. They always watch over the house of the owner and work as trusted watchmen.
  • Dogs always protect their owners. If the owner falls in any danger, a dog does not hesitate to fight for its master.
  • The most important fact about a dog is that it is a selfless animal. Like human beings, it does not become selfish.
  • Sometimes if you get angry with your dog, it does not mind. Even when sometimes you hurt, you forgive you. But if you hurt any human being, there is a greater possibility to get it back.
  • Finally, a dog can make you happy. Sometimes it plays with you, makes fun with you, and tirelessly accompanies you the day like a trusted friend.

After all, a pet dog is sometimes your companion in your distress, your protector when you are troubled, and your trusted friend. Even sometimes you may find your pet dog your best friend. There are hundreds of such reasons of why people pet dogs.


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