9 Ways to Select a Perfect Watch

How to select a perfect watch!

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Having a watch has been a fashion for a long time. But this is not only a fashion but also important for satisfying different types of demands of the people. Watch gives you time and makes you punctual and we don’t need to charge our watch frequently like a mobile phone. Besides, the watch gives us a feeling of simplicity as we don’t need to operate it once we wear it. Moreover, watches help people to be time-bound and create a good relationship with time. Even wearing a watch may add to your smartness. So, for all these purposes, it is very important to choose a perfect watch.

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To choose a perfect watch, we may follow the following facts-

  • Observe the movement at the center of the watch. You may choose one of any movements but most people like one of the smooth movements than the “tik tik” movement.
  • Nowadays two types of watches are available- one with automatic which doesn’t need any hand-wind to keep it ticking and the other is the one where you need to manually hand-wind. Among these two, the automatic watch is very popular nowadays. Because this kind of watch doesn’t need any battery and has a smooth movement. But you may choose any of them.
  • Basically, a watch is used to know the time. But today watches help not only to know the time but also to get updated with date, weather, calendar. Some of the watches have phone call facilities too. You may choose them. But remember “simple is the best”. The simpler the watch the longer it lasts.
  • The choice to select a watch depends on the complications. Different individuals may have different choices.  When it is about a man’s watch, one may consider five types. They are-dress watch, field watch, diver watch, an aviator watches, and racing watch.

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  • Dress Watch: Its general features are typically thin in size with rectangular, squire or circular case and leather band. But some companies offer both metal and leather bands. This is normally used with the formal dress as the name suggests. But this won’t give you a good match with jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Field Watch: It’s very simple and sophisticated and small to medium sizes are available. This kind of watch is best suited to casual or informal dress basically for the younger people. It can be used in all types of situations.
  • Diver Watch: As this is made to be worn by the divers in the water, this is made of metal like stainless steel. They don’t look classy and often found made from rubber too. It is available medium in size with boldface and metal band.
  • Aviator Watch: This type of watch doesn’t have a distinctive style like the watch of other types. It is available with a small to large style, often with a leather band.
  • Racing Watch: The general features of this type of watch are medium to large size, stainless steel case, and leather or metal band.

After choosing one, one needs to consider the size in proportion to his / her wrist size. If it is too large, it will look garish. If it is too small, it may look like one is wearing any lady’s watch. While choosing, one may choose his/her friends or near ones for their opinion.

Now it may come to mind that one should purchase a high price or low-price watch. Actually, it depends on the choice of the individual. But generally, one should purchase a watch of a renowned brand that ensures a long-lasting.


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