How To Choose A Perfect Bikini For Your Body Type

The body shape of every woman is different from one another. Depending on that and also how you want to portray your body wearing a bikini there are some decisions you will need to make.

Not every type of bikini will suit you based on your body type. So, that’s why we are here to talk about the appropriate bikini style for different body types. This will help you choose the best bikini for your body shape.

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Different bikini styles according to body shape

Here, we will just talk about suitable bikini styles based on body shapes.

  • Athletic body: An athletic body shape for women simply means small bust or small hips. For such body shapes, a one-piece or a two-piece with unique necklines or intricate details enhances the bust area. This makes the bust area more highlighted. On the shoulders, you can opt for color blocking and vertical details which makes the shoulders look a bit balanced. The torso can be divided into two parts where the top is designed with a print and the bottom stays solid colors. These styles can really highlight the bikini look of such body types.

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  • Tummy troubles: If you have body shape where you are struggling a little bit with your tummy then we have got you covered. You can still rock on the bikini look with a solid color bikini along with an enhanced bust area. This away the attention stays up there. Go for higher cut leg openings so it becomes another attraction. Adding details on the sides actually slims down the body. Adding ruching can flatter the tummy area big time. But overall tankinis can prove to be the best solution as they keep your tummy covered.
  • Pear-Shaped: This is undeniably the perfect body shape. You can do a lot with your bikini look here. Having asymmetrical cuts, dark patterns vertically, and small prints can flatter your frame. A higher cut leg opening can attract on the downward part as well. A side cutout in the midsections creates the perfect sculpture of your body. In short, there is a lot you can do here.

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  • Large chest: This one is a tricky body shape to work with. It mostly depends on how much you want to show off. Depending on that you will need to create deep necklines and perfectly placed embellishments so the bust area gets flattered. Also, make sure to keep the area structured so things stay in place. Subtle tonal prints help you get quite a look.
  • Curvy: This body shape suits various bikini looks. It’s also called plus-size at times. You can try out wearing tankinis if you want to cover your tummy area. Having a faux wrap or drape on the waistline makes things look much smoother. A skirted bottom can help you keep your thighs or back a bit hidden.


So, there you go. Regardless of your body shape, you can go for various bikini looks available out there. Try out different things as well. Here, we just tried to give you the perfect look based on your body type. To help you rock the bikini look to the fullest.

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